Monday, 28 May 2012

Ring-Mech Penloop

This post is due to sheer procrastination. I noticed on TPS' blog that she's having planner issues due to her time being freed up without appointments. I had a similar thought last week and have temporarily changed my WO2P for a WO1P & DPP combo as my classes have finished but I still have essays and exams. I'd also wanted to start colour coding my system but didn't have the pen loops (my siena has two, one large the other small, and the large is perfect for my 4-colour pen.

...but then where would my Tombow eraser go???

Cue the earlier discussions on Philofaxy of in-ring pen loops. I tried the washi tape experiment proposed by TPS but it was a bit too flimsy for my liking. Then a lightbulb went off.

I had a spare Leuchtturm1917 pen loop...the only thing holding me back was a strong hole puncher. So, with great hesitation and gritted teeth I pulled out my trusty one-hole punch and had a go...

Lo and behold!  a totally flexible in-ring penloop! (Flexible because I haven't stuck it down; the small size of the square means very limited movement without permanently fixing it to a divider -- this also lets me quickly move the penloop to the centre of my pages - as TPS figured out - if my content undergoes any drastic changes.)

I'm astounded and thrilled!! The tombow eraser is very thin and easy to slot in; the clip at the top is a fraction larger than ideal but my Filofax isn't very full so I don't notice it.
Huzzah! Now back to real work ;)


  1. Love your be an optimist prime insert! Where did you get that lovely from?

    1. Thanks - I absolutely love seeing it every time I open my FF. Made it myself from this pic (once I used the Negatron image as the back of the divider, but alas now I have my contact details in its place):

  2. oh my goodness! This is genius! I am so trying it out! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi! I too had to post and say I love your Optimist Prime. I found it and passed a copy onto my teenage Transformer loving son. Now we're both Optimist Primes and the worl is a better place! Love the pen loop idea too. I feel a play coming on....

  4. Brilliant idea & thanks for sharing! I have one of those loops knocking around somewhere & hadn't put it in my filo as I wasn't sure about having it in a fixed place :)